We have built an international standard factory having 50,000 sq.ft. of covered area with modern machines and team of dedicated and capable workers. We have the capability to meet any level of demand of our buyers in international market. With in house capacity of 15,000 pieces per month, the company has been consistently able to be on top of Garment Export market. We welcome the demand for the development of new designs and sophisticated Hi-Fashion garments.

Cutting and Stitching

The cutting and stitching facility at MBF has been put together to control any defects from occurring. The company can boast about having 100% in house stitching which helps to regain the upmost quality. The seasoned staff helps to maintain the pace so that all deliveries are in control and met on time.

Beading Embroidery

The beading embroidery staff works meticulously to find the best color and bead combinations for any design innovations. This helps the company to showcase an extra-ordinary collection to their buyers.

Quality Checks

We adhere to international standards in every stage of our production. Our garments pass through rigorous quality control procedure at every stage of production under the teamwork of experienced professionals and qualified designers. No procedure is left untouched to fulfill the commitment to excellence.

Finishing and Packaging

All the products are checked for consistency in quality across all the stages by the final inspection department.